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NetCurrents selects WebMind to power their next generation business intelligence Web service.
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WebMind announces a strategic partnership with DeepBridge Content Solutions, an enterprise-class content management systems integrator.


E-business has entered a new age. Internet speed isn't good enough anymore: internet intelligence -- the ability to leverage and maximize knowledge assets -- determines competitive advantage now.

Industry leaders know this, and are racing to develop and integrate technologies to better manage and optimize content and delivery. But refitting or refining old tools won't answer new challenges. To enter a new age requires a quantum leap.

Webmind doesn't just accelerate information technology -- it revolutionizes it. Our unique team of business technologists and computer scientists leverage Artificial Intelligence concepts and protocols for e-business applications.

With our products and through our partnerships, Webmind turns the world's information networks into an intelligence infrastructure that finds new value in data for your customers and for your company.

Webmind applications can be quickly trained with your legacy data to understand your business' processes, needs, and customers, shortening run-up time to operability. It can then develop new concepts via interaction with users -- not only understanding what it is explicitly told, but also making judgments from patterns, commentary, even the behavior of users. In other words, it learns, constantly upgrading the quality of its judgments to the user's benefit.

Already, for clients and partners such as NetCurrents, and in independent tests, Webmind technology solutions are:
o transforming text categorization and filtering tools into learning systems that recognize user frustrations and intelligently expand or narrow offerings to address them;
o automating with superior accuracy analytical processes previously handled by human editors, speeding information delivery and reducing staff costs;
o analyzing employee e-mail use to intelligently prioritize delivery and save time;
o predicting, using text and numerical analysis, movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and Eurodollar futures with superior accuracy to non-text-based analysis.

And because Webmind learns, its growth potential is as unbounded as human knowledge itself.

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